Autumn walk in Belvedere and the Botanical Garden

The air gradually changed from warm October breeze to cold November chills and the leaves are wearing their last colourful coat.

shooting_vienna_belvedere shooting_vienna_belvedere

The popular spots to witness the season change is naturally at the Gardens of Schönbrunn, Stadtpark or Setagaya Park, so to keep things fresh I ventured to the botanical gardens.


I enjoy short walks in the several parks and gardens that are in Vienna, to avoid being sick.
It seems to work, I also have to give some credit to my lemon and ginger tea :)

shooting_vienna_belvedere shooting_vienna_belvedere
The flat I moved in with the Mister is an old building which we call in Austria “Altbau”. The ceilings are mostly very high with huge and not very good insulated windows. It looks pretty and allows a lot of light inside but I bet it will be a pain to see the heating bill at the end of Winter. shooting_vienna_belvedere
I did order some “special” thermal curtains that supposedly will keep out the cold so let’s see about those.




2 thoughts on “Autumn walk in Belvedere and the Botanical Garden

  1. ich drücke dir die daumen, dass das mit den thermovorhängen hinhaut. schöne eindrücke – ich war letztens in schönbrunn :) leider spielt das wetter momentan ja so gar nicht mit.

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