Ramen at newly opened Kojiro 3

Good sushi is not that easy to find in Vienna but Kojiro at Naschmarkt is definitely one of the great places for them.

I did not try out their sushi there since I was too busy to check out their ramen options but the sushi and maki on the other table looked really yummy.

The restaurant itself did not look really special, they did not do many changes and went with the look of the restaurant Big Bowl which was there before Kojiro opened up.

The takoyaki was really delicious, crispy yet really fluffy and creamy inside. It is way to pricey though for 4 pieces on a stick they charge 4,9€.


The mister and me ordered karaage and this mini portion arrived. Sadly the pieces were too small and thus not juicy on the inside. Also quite a pricey starter for 4,9€.


I was not overly impressed with the yakisoba and the udon dishbut my focus in this restaurant is the ramen anyway.

The ramen was tasty and the noodles were perfectly al dente! To my surprise I did like Cocos choice of shoyu ramen more than my choice which was goma miso.


I also loved the flavour of pak choi. The dish is quite heavy and it kinda brought in the healthy part ;)


For dessert I ordered chestnut mochi with honey. We got mochi with black sesam filling instead which tasted really nice though, especially with the honey.


The restaurant is not bad but I’ll stick next time with ramen!
I can’t find any information about the restaurant on the internet yet but it is located at Rechte Wienzeile 25-27 Ecke Pressgasse 1040.


8 thoughts on “Ramen at newly opened Kojiro 3

  1. Oh it’s great that they expanded the menu! I love their sushi, but the takoyaki and ramen looks pretty decent. I should give it a try soon :) However I saw a ramen bar is going to open soon near Naschmarkt (see Karmaramen on Instagram ;) ) – maybe our prayers have been answered finally!

    1. Whaaaa thanks for the tip! I immediately checked the instagram account and now can’t wait for them to open up. The feed looks really promising, the cook seemed to even have been trained in Japan. Yay! Super excited :D

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