Wild Animals at Zentralfriedhof

A huge point on my to-do list was to see deer at Zentralfriedhof (a huge cemetery in Vienna) and to take pictures of them, if possible.
I don’t go to cemetery’s that often but it is mostly in autumn when I am feeling melancholic, the leaves are turning brown and I need a walk in nature without other people. It is just the perfect place to dwell in the here and now, being aware of your own evanescence.


Anyway, Austria has a pretty neat documentary series which is called Universum, and since I watched an episode which resolved around wild animals living at the cemetery, I wanted to witness them by myself.


When I actually saw them by chance I was so happy and giddy!
Unlike me, they did not seem that happy about me being there ;)

shooting_vienna_zentralfriedhofshooting_vienna_zentralfriedhof shooting_vienna_zentralfriedhof
I think the two main factors that helped me achieve to see the wild animals in person were:

  • me being alone and making a lot of noise (no talking, etc.)
  • being there around dawn, when the deer are more active


Do you have any tips to take pictures of wild animals? :)


11 thoughts on “Wild Animals at Zentralfriedhof

  1. super gelungen! ich hab einmal rehe am zentralfriedhof gesehen, war aber viel zu langsam um sie zu fotografieren. hab mir seither auch mmer wieder vorgenommen, es wieder zu versuchen. noch hab ich es aber nicht umgesetzt :)

  2. These shots are beautiful…animals are so hard to shoot. I would know this from trying to take photos of my cocker spaniel, who always moves around and acts strange when my camera is on him. :)

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