Refugees in Vienna

As you all may know, in Syria the war is already taking place since 4 years and more and more refugees are arriving in different European countries (besides many being taken in Jordan and other neighbouring countries of Syria).
From a humanitarian point of view, one cannot deny these people who are fleeing from war and misery some peace and freedom for a happy life.
I understand that politically it is not that easy, yet I am really disappointed how many countries and international organisations, the EU included, are not realizing that this is not just a crisis in Syria but it has already grown into an international crisis and more action has to be taken. Swift action!
The countries like Italy and Spain have been complaining already for years that they are being left alone with the problem of growing refugees and still not much is done to distribute the people more evenly so that they can be taken care of and don’t have to sleep in tents, if they are “lucky” enough to have one.

In Vienna, I am glad that there are many initiatives that have been founded by people like you and me, not by politicians.
The NGO I work for has gathered donations and we went to Traiskirchen to distribute some hygiene products and food.

Volunteers and donations are very welcome for the refugees arriving at the two main train stations in Vienna at Hauptbahnhof and Westbahnhof.
Apart from those two places, you barely notice anything “unusual” happening connected to the actual crisis.
A facebook page I can recommend for updates and informations is Train of Hope, but there are many more!
I hope that something politically will be decided soon since winter is slowly but steadily approaching and the refugees can’t stay in tents.

One can write a whole book about this issue but I just needed a place to rant and what would be better than my own personal blog? :)


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