Taste of India

I am not often in the mood for Indian food but if I am craving some curry, the Mister and me will always go to Taste of India.
On their website, you can find a link to a coupon of 3€ but you can’t turn it in if you took the lunch menu.

It has become our favourite Indian restaurant, even if we haven’t tried a lot of them in Vienna I think I can still say it is one of the better ones.
The service is very friendly and they always ask, how hot you would like your dish. Ordering a none spicy dish for kids or people who can’t handle any heat is fine too!


Am I the only one who gets bloated after a mango lassi? I still love to order it though, mango lassi is perfect in combination with spicy food :)
We especially love their lunch menus which are only 7,9€ and include a soup, a main dish, rice and salad. One of the options is always vegetarian.
You can always check out their lunch offers on their website.

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The portions in Indian restaurants always look tiny but I often struggle to finish them.

Do you have any recommendations for Indian restaurants in Vienna? What is your favourite Indian dish? :)


13 thoughts on “Taste of India

  1. oh das sieht echt lecker aus. ich war ja bisher erst ein einziges mal indisch essen und das in berlin – da ich scharfes essen nicht vertrage ist das so eine sache. das namnam bei mir um die ecke will ich seit ewigkeiten mal ausprobieren, aber ich bin nicht sicher, ob das mit dem “bitte nicht scharf” klappt ;)

    1. Oh das verstehe ich, da ist Thai und Indisch nicht so toll :/ Das Namnam fand ich ganz nett aber extra nachgefragt wie scharf man es haben mag, daran kann ich mich nicht erinnern. Im Notfall Mango Lassi bestellen :D

      1. ^.^ leider laktoseintolerant -.- aber ist bei mir halt echt blöd, weil ich schlimme magenschmerzen auf scharfes essen bekomme. dann ist das namnam vielleicht nicht das richtige.

  2. That looks really nice. I don’t know what is about Indian food in Vienna; I mostly end up being disappointed. I had a really good experience recently, though. Have you ever been to Tulsi (http://www.tulsi.co.at/wb/)? It’s not cheap, but it was probably the best Indian food I ever had here.

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