Pizzeria Da Filippo

My family discovered this lovely Pizzeria with Spanish dishes through friends some years ago and we have been going there since.
Not only are the waiters very attentive, the portions are big and very tasty. Perfect for sharing!
Even though it is called Pizzeria I would advise you to order anything else than a pizza. Not because they are bad but because the other dishes are so good and far more interesting. Pizza can be ought on every other corner unlike some really good piccata ala milanese (12,9€), which is my favourite dish there btw. You get two pieces of beef which are wrapped in crispy baked parmesan and served on spaghetti in tomato sauce. So delicious!


When we were there last time we also ordered lamb chops served on baby potatos (15,9€) and beef roasted on a spit (12,2€).
Don’t forget to ask for a doggy bag if you can’t finish everything. It is nice to munch on the left overs :)


3 thoughts on “Pizzeria Da Filippo

  1. wenn mich nicht alles täuscht, war das die familienpizzeria von meinem exfreund und ich war glaube ich vor vielen, vielen (vielen ^.^) jahren mit ihm einmal dort. das essen war wirklich nett und es ist ein super lokal!

      1. ihn würde ich wohl nicht mehr treffen, er wohnt mittlerweile transdanubien – die gefahr hält sich also in grenzen :) aber ich meide im allgemeinen die ex-wohngegend, das wird sich wohl immer komisch anfühlen.

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