Cold brew green tea

It is gradually getting cooler the next days but for now I still prefer to drink tea cold instead of hot.


What I really like is this ginger lemon green tea brewed with cold water in the fridge for 20 minutes.
I use a bit more tea than what I would usually use for a normal brew but again, I did not weigh it out and just went with my gut.


I just go by trial and error, but if you like more detailed directions you can easily find those on google :)


Have you heard of cold-brewing or have you tried it out yourself?
I heard that white and green teas don’t need that long to infuse but that black tea needs the longest, with infusion times being several hours.


3 thoughts on “Cold brew green tea

  1. I have tried cold-brewing white tea leaves with dried pomegranate, and have been a little disappointed. The water immediately turned very red (as it should), but it was more colorful than tasteful. Or i stopped the infusion too early, who knows. The fact is I thought my idea of cold-brewing was wrong and stupidly lazy, but reading your post is raising my hopes up again as I realize I might have just lacked patience and technique after all.

    1. Maybe it was just the addition of pomegranate since white tea has a very soft and delicate taste? Black tea is easier and yields better results for cold brewing since there are a few instructions floating around the web :)

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