Street Food Cinema in August

Uhm I kinda wanted to write about that since some weeks. I am a bit late with this but better late than never also you still have the chance to attend on the last day of this event. Yay!

Street Kitchen Food Market can be found at Hohe Warte near the tube station Heiligenstadt where they not only offer delicious food and drinks, the entrance fee of 4€ includes a movie in the evening. This movie is of course, what else, related to food namely Lunchbox.



Now to the more interesting part, the food!
There were quite a lot of food stalls we did not know yet and we tried out the ribs from Longhorn Texas Grill, a burger from Grill and Roll, Korean fried chicken from Stephan and for dessert some churros from Rumba Y Mambo.

shootng_vienna_streetfood    shootng_vienna_streetfood

Our favourite were hands down the Korean chicken pieces which were double fried. Super tasty especially in combination with the spicy radish kimchi and some cooling radishes.We also had the thai iced tea since the radishes did have some nice heat. The portion was enough for two, I just forgot to take a picture in the beginning which explains this white gap on the right of the picture..


Our second favourite was the burger. The bun was bought and crumbled so easily, we were smothered in burger juices and also the meat was more raw than pinkish but it still was very tasty. The churros were alright but a bit tough since they were already fried and re-fried. The ribs with sauerkraut was a neat combination but the flavour did not impress me that much. I expected more Texasness if you know what I mean ;)


When the Mister and me went it was solely for the food and after trying out a few we were up for a nap at home and missed out on the cultural part of the feast.


Sadly I did not have enough tummy space for it all!


8 thoughts on “Street Food Cinema in August

  1. The burger and the Korean chicken look yummy indeed!! Are there other Food Festivals of the kind in VIenna throughout the year? I’m considering coming around New Year’s Eve with my husband, and we are both crazy foodies who choose their vacations in regards of the foods we’ll be able to eat at destination! And there’s a food festival it’s even better too!!

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