Sunday in Schönbrunn

I felt so lethargic during the heat wave. I have so many pictures I want to share with you but I just did not have the motivation until now.
I love the weather at the moment, fall and spring are my most favourite seasons and that cold air clears up my head again.

shooting_vienna_schönbrunns shooting_vienna_schönbrunns shooting_vienna_schönbrunns

When the Mister and me visited Schönbrunn to have a Sunday stroll, we were not the only ones.
There is not that much to do on a Sunday in Vienna for tourists since all shops are closed, so it is naturally crowded but that did not bother us.
We had a look out for cute squirrels and I managed to sneak up on a dragon fly.


Taking pictures of dragon flies reminds me of my childhood. When I would be in my grandparents garden I would snap loads of pictures of insects and flowers with my dads DSLR and micro lens.



Kinda weird that the architects build a fake Roman ruin in the gardens of Schönbrunn but I guess the aristocrats had to be amused somehow ;)

The Egyptian symbols on that fountain don’t have a meaning because it was built before the hieroglyphs have been deciphered.
I wonder what they may have written by chance..


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