One of my newest additions of places I frequently visit is Vollpension.


This cute coffee and cake place opened about 3 months ago at Schleifmühlgasse 16 and from the interior it not only just feels like you are visiting your grandma, there are actual grandmas working in this shop and baking delicious cakes.

I love this idea because the grandmas are not only able to earn money to their low pension but they know they are needed and are not socially isolted. Which is sadly most often the case with elderly people.

shooting_vienna_vollpension shooting_vienna_vollpension
On the positive side, they always have new cakes and I never saw the same cakes whenever I had one but then the negative side is that you will seldom have the opportunity to have your favourite cake again and will forever mourn it until you find a new favourite, and then mourn this one and so on. ;)

shooting_vienna_vollpension shooting_vienna_vollpension
They also have a daily lunch menu and brunch on the week-ends, so if you are not a cake person you can also find something else there!
But seriously, who does not like cake?


10 thoughts on “Vollpension

  1. That is a great idea! :) I’m sure the cakes must be really good, it seems like all grandmas can bake good cakes… Not really a fan of the decoration but still seems worth a visit! For the cake ;) Hehe!

      1. war super! ich mag ja diese gemüsekuchen total gern, aber richtig gut schmecken sie einfach nur von omas – auf jeden fall nicht industriell gebacken :)

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