Cooling down

The temperature in Vienna is this week constantly over 30 degrees.
I don’t want to complain but it does get pretty exhausting to do anything in this heat outside!

My favourite thing is to explore unfamiliar and strange hallways that store the cold, all without any air conditioning.
Sadly my new apartment has a very hot staircase but if you sneak into old buildings, you will often find a cooling draft that is welcoming you.

shooting_vienna_hallway  shooting_vienna_hallwayshooting_vienna_hallway

I am curious what your secret weapon is against the heat. Let me know ;)


12 thoughts on “Cooling down

  1. Oh nice! :D I can’t stand it when it’s so hot…i usually stay inside, don’t move a lot, don’t cook, eat only salads, drink tons of water…ahahaha… I’m in a state of in-between living, waiting for the cooler days so i can resume my life :P

  2. I stay indoors a lot – I like the heat and just not the humidity. I was also ‘forced’ to buy a fan that is switched on from morning until bed time. It helps a lot as long as it is not blowing directly into my face.

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