Some time has passed since my last visit to Okra and since they were celebrating their first anniversary and having special dinner deals, the Mister and me went there to see how the restaurant developed.

The menu began with makis topped with tuna and salmon. The tuna maki were very interesting and in combination with crushed peanuts.


Next up were these seared tuna pieces with honey melon and freshly grated wasabi.
I normally really dislike meat and fish paired with fruits but the dish was pretty good and the melon fit very well with fish.


When I was small I disliked most of the vegetables including eggplant but I really enjoy it now and especially loved this dish.
The eggplant was thinly cut and nicely seared with a great sauce.


Nest up were chicken skewers that were still juicy, topped with some Japanese chilli powder and served with red cabbage.


Now the main course arrived and did not disappoint. The duck was served in a tasty broth and red cabbage. The whole dish weirdly reminded me of a Christmas dish due to the seasoning with anise and  a hint of cinnamon but in a good way!


This half cooked salmon in a lemon sauce and vegetables was the clear winner and the Mister and me loved the taste of this dish!
We finished it to the last drop.


The dessert arrived and we got a chocolate sorbet, matcha cream with biscotti and a yummy dark chocolate brownie with balsamic cherries.


The matcha cream sadly disappointed because you hardly could taste the matcha flavour but we both loved the soft brownie with the sour cherries.


We were satisfied with the dishes which were solid and compared to other Japanese restaurants in Vienna very decent from the pricing.



4 thoughts on “Okra

      1. verdammt – da hast du recht! ich werde wohl einmal all meinen mut zusammennehmen und in den zweiten bezirk fahren müssen, da hat sich in den letzten jahren sichtlich ein lokalmekka entwickelt ;)

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