Tea Shop in Bratislava

There is a special tea shop in Bratislava at Radlinského 24C that is specialised in high grade tea, with a lovely tea house joined to the tea shop.


After aimlessly looking around for 5 minutes (since we did not have accurate directions) we stumbled over it and thankfully rested our feet in their garden while browsing their extensive menu card which is only written in Slovak but there are helpful pictures and the friendly waitress can speak English.



We both instantly decided on the matcha and aloe vera drink to refresh ourselves and fruity cheesecakes.

shooting_vienna_bratislavatea shooting_vienna_bratislavatea

Luckily for us, the owner was in the house and had time for us to browse the tea shop.
The shop is closed on Fridays and always during the week-end so coming by to buy some tea must be done during the week, which is not possible for most Viennese. You could call him in advance though and ask him if he has the time to sell tea for you which he offered us.


I was so excited in this tea shop and darted from one corner to the next, eyeing all those beautiful tea pots.
We do already have quite a collection and we settled on two teacups which you will be seeing soon :)

shooting_vienna_bratislavatea shooting_vienna_bratislavatea

Beautiful and handmade tea pots in all kinds of sizes and colours.

The owner was very friendly and could explain and recommend lots of Chinese teas to us in English. I was so happy when he opened a fresh bag of An Ji Bai Cha for me to smell. It is really such a huge difference how you store your tea and how fresh and intense the scent can be compared to old samples.

We spend more than 100€ and got a rare first flush rohini exotic 50g bag for free, which I was a very nice gesture and is really appreciated!

Sadly I can’t think of a tea shop here in Vienna that can compare with this jewel but I am glad that we found it and we have enough tea for at least end of this year if not longer. I can’t wait to try them out and since the temperatures in Vienna are normal again there will be some tea posts coming up soon.


2 thoughts on “Tea Shop in Bratislava

  1. oh wiedermal ein wundervolles fundstück! und ich hab es tatsächlich immer noch nicht nach bratislava geschafft. es steht allerdings auf meiner to do liste 2015. mal sehen ^.^

  2. This place looks fabulous, Beatrice! I love that there’s a little bit of everything–it looks like the owner puts a lot of care into what they decide to sell…would love to visit someday!

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