Vidoni is a recently opened ice-cream shop with lots of vegan options near Landstraße (next to Joseph Brot) with interesting flavour combinations and a medium offer of outdoor seats.

I love the look of their logo especially their font!

Texture wise vegan ice-cream is of course not comparable to normal ice-cream but what I also like about them is that they don’t use soy milk.
I am not a huge fan of soy milk since it has a very strong taste of its own and distracts the pureness of taste.
The milk they are using is made from organic oats, coconuts and rice which are more flavour neutral in my opinion.

shooting_vienna_vidoni shooting_vienna_vidoni
The flavour I had was matcha with lemon, which was really sour and refreshing, while the Mister enjoyed tropic and vanilla.
They even offer delivery from the first to the third district by bike so you won’t have to get out into the heat yourself and enjoy it from home :)


9 thoughts on “Vidoni

  1. lemon is my favorite … I love the sour taste, one of the BEST things in the world:D thanks so much for sharing! just started following you, I have a vegan recipe/lifestyle & Cruelty-free beauty Blog as well,
    so glad I found your blog & Happy to connect with you :)

  2. hmm… hört sich auch wieder interessant an! aber irgendwie alles außerhalb meines üblichen aktionsradius (was ist denn da nur der genitiv?) ^.^ trotzdem – wenn ich mal vorbeikomme muss ich da auf jeden fall einen blick reinwerfen.

      1. :D komm dort zwar nicht oft vorbei, aber ich werde das auf jeden fall (wie soooo vieles, herrje, ich bräuchte ein denkarium!) um hinterkopf behalten :D

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