Sakai – Restaurant Review

There are a lot of restaurants in Vienna to try out and the Restaurantwoche which just means restaurant week, which is the perfect opportunity to try out different exclusive restaurants for a special price and menu.

Since Sakai opened last year I have been wanting to try it out but never had the time but immediately called up Erwin when I saw it available for the Restaurantwochen.

shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakai shooting_vienna_sakaiVery interesting technique for making soup. The asparagus soup was both our favourite dish of the evening.
It was mild and healthy yet with such a powerful asparagus taste.
shooting_vienna_sakaiNext up was thuna sashimi withfreshly grated wasabi and ponzu sauce. shooting_vienna_sakaishooting_vienna_sakaiLuckily there were only three slices of supposedly wagyu beef on the grill. We were already getting quite stuffed.
shooting_vienna_sakaiLast but not least the yummy dessert of strawberries with white miso, my second favourite dish.
The miso taste was really subtle and I liked this (for me) unusual combination.shooting_vienna_sakaiWhat can I say? The food was delicious and the serving was well executed, the service was friendly and attentive and the Japanenese ambience of the restaurant was refined.


2 thoughts on “Sakai – Restaurant Review

  1. Oh I missed the Restaurantwoche again! I had Sakai in my mind too since it openend, but I wonder why Japanese restaurant always come up so fancy in Vienna?

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