Life is strange – Game Review

life is strange

Thanks again to my best friend Erwin, he recommended me the game and the Mister was so cute and bought it for me as a present on steam.
Immediately while playing through the first chapter I felt a deep connection to Max. It is so weird, how I can relate to Max, the heroine of the story and how similar I was when I still was an insecure teenager. Introverted, artsy and a bit of a push-over, yet caring and loyal. The coolest part in this game is that you have the power to rewind time.  One of my favourite super powers!
Since game reviews can be read up anywhere in the internet, I will just focus on my opinion.

The story is interesting but what I really love is that when I am unsure of a choice I can just rewind time and act differently. Something I wish I could do in my actual life but rewinding time also has its own risks.

A big plus for me is that Max is in a photography class and that you can take pictures during the whole game at specific moments.
There are no fight scenes and you can’t die which makes it a lot easier for me since I am a game noob but the only aspect that I don’t like is the friendship between Chloe and Max. Somehow everybody likes Chloe, her ex-best-childhood-friend but for me she is just an egoistic teenager who only sees the fault in everybody except herself. Since Max is admiring Chloe, she always hopes to please here and have her best friend back. I guess it is just my own negative experience of a friendship where I was being the push-over and spend most of my energy on somebody who did not appreciate it but I am curious where the story will lead us with that friendship.

Another interesting approach is the butterfly-effect of time-travelling. In case you haven’t noticed, there are many theories and the butterfly-effect aka the chaos theory is only one of them. Yet if they would have chosen an immutable time-line, time travelling would be too easy ;)

The game is not yet complete, there are 5 chapters all in all but only 3 are published at the moment.
I can’t wait for episode 4 which should be out soon.

All in all it is one of my favourite games all time besides Okami and I can’t wait for the final outcome!


6 thoughts on “Life is strange – Game Review

  1. :D I didn’t know you are into games! I wanted to play this one since the first episode came out but i have so many others on my steam account and i’m trying to finish them first before i get into something new… Better to wait until it is completed anyway :)

    1. Just recently since I have more time :)
      I can totally relate! I have too many games I started and need to finish. Yes the final episode should be out in mid September, can’t wait!!

      1. Cool :D Yeah, time is an issue! I used to play a lot…now i play for like an hour, if i play. Long gone are the carefree days when i would play for 4-8 hours a day…hahaha :P

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