Old and New Buildings

It is always interesting to see the mix and match of old and new, especially with buildings.
I like the looks of both old and modern apartments since every period has its ups and downs.

shooting_vienna_buildings shooting_vienna_buildings
Over the week-end the Mister and me went to Bratislava and enjoyed the old city.
I noticed that unlike in Vienna, the old town in Bratislava has nearly no new apartments which makes strolling the cobble streets even more interesting.

shooting_vienna_buildingsshooting_vienna_buildings shooting_vienna_buildings

There are quite a lot of mosaics in Vienna, often informing about some historical facts or about legends and fables.
More to come about those. Enjoy your Monday! :)


8 thoughts on “Old and New Buildings

  1. I’ve been photographing Vienna’s mosaics by district, too! Not all of them, of course, though I do recognize this one from Leopoldstadt. The scenes are from (long ago) Prater. Also, as I’m sure you’re discovering, not all of the mosaics reside on Gemeindebau (public housing). This one you’ve snapped adorns an Eigentumswohnung, or condominium. :)

    1. Oh cool, what is your blog name?
      Funnily enough most mosaics I noticed are on Gemeindebauten if I think about it now.
      Unlike the space invader mosaics all over Vienna ;)

  2. Old and new, one of my favorite contrasts! Even in Vienna i find it hard to find such places… The mosaics are super awesome though and i have never seen the one you posted!

    1. Yes, it will definitely be something I will have a look-out for more often! It is near the station Nestroyplatz. The second district in general has some nice corners to explore :)

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