Secret Vienna Supper Club

Secret Vienna Supper Club sounds like a weird dinner event but it was quite the opposite. Fun with lots of yummy food!
There is a limit of 15 participants who were all around the age of 20 till 30, so you probably will have some common topics to talk about in the living room of Stefan, the cook and host of this fun event.

When the Mister told me that he found this secret dinner not even I knew about, I was intrigued. When I got to know that we would be served Korean food we immediately booked for two beware that you have to pay per paypal.

For starters we had tteokbokki which was even for me a bit spicy but you can write Stefan in advance that you would prefer it less hot and burning.
I was really impressed when I heard that he even did the rice flour himself to make the rice noodles.


The main course was marinated pork grilled on the table and served with kimchi and rice.
Apparently you take a salad leaf and assort everything in it like a burrito and then roll it up but be careful of hot dripping sauce!


The meat was so delicious and we were always offered refills of kimchi and meat so no being shy about munching till you are full.
Water was also always readily available and we were allowed/encouraged to bring our own drinks.


For dessert I finally got to try patbingsu, a shaved ice served with sirup, red beans and granny smith apples. Very refreshing and light after this all-you-can-eat bbq. It reminded me of the filipino dessert called halo-halo, similar concept but different ingredients are added.
15€ were a great deal for the delicious and filling three-course dinner we got served and I can’t wait for the next secret supper event!


5 thoughts on “Secret Vienna Supper Club

    1. Hi Raymund, you can book the dinner over this site:
      Since the dinner takes place at somebody’s home I respect his privacy and won’t post his address but you will get your directions immediately after you paid. :)
      Hope you can try it out, it is a great way to get to learn people and bond over delicious food!

  1. Sounds wonderful! I wish we had something like this here. Have you ever attended a long table communal dining? So fun to meet strangers and make acquaintances that way too.

    Now you’ve made me crave Korean Beatrice :3

    1. I have heard of some places in Vienna but I never attended one myself. It sounds very interesting though to get to know a variety of people!
      Hope you could satisfy those cravings somehow ;)

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