Stencil Art

Some shots of stencil art I spotted in the seventh district to not make my blog all about food again ;)
I actually wanted to post this yesterday but my internet was dead till today.
Really interesting how dependent we all are to be connected but I enjoyed my offline-day by watching plastic planet.

shooting_vienna_stencilart  shooting_vienna_stencilartshooting_vienna_stencilart

The movie was eye-opening and I am being more aware now of possible dangers by plastic objects we all are using daily. The worldwide problem of too much pollution and garbage was nothing new to me but I did not know how bad some plastics could affect ones health by mimicking hormones. I wonder how high the BPA content is in my body..


3 thoughts on “Stencil Art

  1. Ich liebe Streetart! :) Toll sind die kleinen Kunstwerke, die man erst sieht, wenn man genauer hinsieht :) Gerne mehr davon!

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