Hotel Falkensteiner – Grill Friday

Last friday I had my official university graduation ceremony.
Since I “only” aquired a bachelor degree it did not seem that special to me but for my parents I opted for an official celebration which was quite interesting. I will do a post about that to let you help decide if you want to do one as well.

After everything was done we could not wait to go to the Hotel Falkensteiner and try out their barbecue-Friday.


shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner

You pay 39€ per person with one beer included and can eat as much from the side dishes buffet, the barbecue menu card and the dessert card as often as you wish to.


Everything was arranged very neatly and appetizing and the service was attentive and friendly.

shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner shooting_vienna_Falkensteiner

After I tried the mixed grilled vegetables and munched on some prosciutto we moved onto the grill menu.
My favourite dish was the grilled lamb which I topped with chimichurri. The meat was so tender and the chimichurri was the perfect combination.


The mister enjoyed a lot of their beef steaks which were really nicely marinated and perfectly grilled to medium rare.
We also tried their salmon trout but I forgot to make a picture. Very soft and tasty as well!


After a big portion of grilled corn I was getting stuffed already and it got closer to dessert time.

The three choices were: grilled pineapple with caramel sauce, panna cotta with different flavours and tray-baked-cakes.
I just love grilled pineapples and had two servings of those and a lemongrass panna cotta. There was no place for the cake but I do not regret those pineapples! I liked the panna cotta from the mister a bit more which were the flavours vanilla and summer fruits.


We were all very happy with our choice to try out hotel Falkensteiner and can freely recommend it to any person! (probably not vegans though!)


8 thoughts on “Hotel Falkensteiner – Grill Friday

  1. hmmm das schaut ja suuuperlecker aus!!
    ich wollte ja erst keine offizielle sponsion, aber da ich aufgrund meines abgabetermins in der fh nicht dabei sein konnte (das hat mir aber auch nicht üüüber die maßen leid getan), hab ich es eigentlihc meinen eltern zuliebe dann doch gemacht. im nachhinein muss ich sagen: es war schon schön und irgendwie was besonderes und ich bin froh, mich überwunden zu haben. gegessen haben wir dann im griechenbeisl, das mag ich irgendwie sehr gern.

      1. puh das kann ich schwer sagen, so oft bin ich nicht dort. morgen allerdings – da kann ich dir dann vielleicht mehr empfehlen;)

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