When you find yourself at Donauplex, you seem to be in the centre of burger-shop-town. So many burger shops to choose from!
I tried out Burgerista with the Mister and we both were positively surprised.


You can choose between a wide choice of burgers or can build one yourself. The meat is regional and generally Burgerista seems to source their products from Austrian producers. I checked the different sauce bottles and all were made in Austria.
The menu with fries and a refill drink only cost us 9€ per person if I remember correctly.


After a short wait, that I used to examine their broad choice offer of different sauces, we got our meal.
You need to pay attention here since they shout out your order number. Not the best system since they don’t have microphones to do it and having to scream out numbers at work seems very exhausting after a while.


The portion was big and I enjoyed the flavours of my Route 66 burger (mushrooms, bacon, caramelized onions).
The Mister was also satisfied with his choice and we happily munched on our burgers while trying out all the sauces.

For drinks we had the home-made ice-tea which was too sweet but I enjoyed their lemonade which was super refreshing!shooting_vienna_burgerista

In case I am craving burgers and am at Donauplex I definitely will be back for another burger, especially since I did not get any tummy ache ;)



5 thoughts on “Burgerista

  1. Hmmm, i’ve passed from there many times and thought of grabbing something to eat…might do it now! :) Was the bun also good? looks really white :P

  2. Ich war vor drei Wochen in der SCS, da gab es auch einen. Ich war auch super begeistert von den Burgern (und saucen!!!) und Matthias meint, dass sind die besten Burger die er je gegessen hat. XD! Auf meinem Chili Burger war aber eine riesige Pfefferoni oben, das war bissi weird. XD

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