Poppy fields forever

Summer in all its glory has arrived in Vienna with beautiful sunny and hot days. And most importantly the stunning poppy fields!

You can click on the picture to see it in full-size.

I just love the red dots of colour in the mass of green and concrete.

shooting_vienna_poppyfield shooting_vienna_poppyfield shooting_vienna_poppyfield shooting_vienna_poppyfield

That lovely field can be found in the 21st district of Vienna if you get off at the tram station, Fultonstraße and go a short distance by foot, you stand in the middle of some farmland.

shooting_vienna_poppyfield shooting_vienna_poppyfield
I heard that these farms will vanish soon and will be replaced by new apartment buildings, so let’s see how long those fields will be here!


15 thoughts on “Poppy fields forever

  1. das ist ja uuuuur schön!! ich hab die mohnblumenzeit schon wieder verpasst und wieder kein perfektes mohnblumenfoto gemacht – das ich mir wünsche, seit ich eine kamera besitze :,-(

    1. Ja ich bin gestern vorbeigefahren und die Mohnblumen sind schon am verschwinden :( Da gibts leider keine lange Zeitspanne aber Mohn blüht noch bis August/September. Vl findest du bis dahin ein nettes Mohnfeld :)

  2. Oh wow, these photos are all lovely!!! Well done! :D I must go there and take some photos too before they are gone :( Thanks for sharing!

      1. I went there two days ago…and it was already less vibrant as you say…but i got a few good shots :D Still need to upload some older stuff before i can upload those…but i’ll definitely have this place in mind for next year…it must be great during May…

      2. nice I am looking forward to your post :D
        I can’t recall seeing the poppy already in May but they probably bloomed end of May or beginning of June :)

    1. It is definitely reachable by car, located at Nordmanngasse but the poppy field is already turning green again :( There are probably other poppy fields in Vienna in bloom I don’t know of though!

  3. Wunderschön.
    Ich find roten Mohn auch so toll, aber finde ihn bei uns nur vereinzelt, so ein großes Feld hab ich noch nie gesehen. :)

    1. Danke <3
      Ja solche Felder sind leider nicht so oft zu finden und wer weiß wie lange das hier noch zu finden ist, mit den ganzen Neubauten die aus den Boden schießen.

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