Tea Monday – Kusmi Rose

Kusmi invited me for a Tea Party and lured me into their shop by offering -25% and free finger food made with kusmi tea.


The cream was flavoured with tea and tasted quite yummy!
Lisa, a friend of mine, gave me a great recipe book for dishes with tea. Still have to try that out and post about them.

shooting_vienna_kusmirose shooting_vienna_kusmirose shooting_vienna_kusmirose

They were giving out those bags with a beauty surprise but when I paid I totally forgot about them and did not ask for one.
Can’t tell you therefore what was inside. It will remain a mystery ;)

I took my sister along who got into a tea time outfit.


After sniffing at all their testers I decided to go with their rose tea, which I quite enjoy.
Kusmi tea has a lot of aroma though so if you prefer real roses in your tea you have to look somewhere else!
I still enjoy it though since the rose aroma is not that strong and quite mild compared to another rose tea (with real roses) in my collection.


Have you tried Kusmi and how do you like their teas?


8 thoughts on “Tea Monday – Kusmi Rose

  1. Love Kusmi…Prince Vladimir is one of my favorites! Your sister is so cute…love her look against that colorful background of tea tins…what a cool photo! :)

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