The plant I can name proudly my own is called guyabano in the Philippines but it is also commonly named graviola (in South America), corossol or soursop.

Do any of those names sound familiar to you?

I bought this beauty at the Zitrustage (Citrus Days) in Vienna but since it is an exotic plant it is not easily available here.


When I went to the Philippines this year I tried guyabano for the first time and enjoyed its taste, which is often compared to a mix between strawberries and pineapple.
Not only refreshing and fruity, this plant is a real all-rounder and has many vitamins and supplements, that makes it being popular against cancer.
I am not sure my plant will produce any fruits but the leaves can be used for teas to boost the immune system.
After unpacking the plant I discovered those big holes. Seems like something munched on them already and enjoyed itself ;)


2 thoughts on “Guyabano

  1. Wow good luck, hopefully that survives. I love that fruit, we have a tree in front of our yard before and every summer it bears tons of it. We make them into shakes and its so refreshing :)

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