Tea Monday – Løv Tea

Have you heard of Løv tea? It is being sold at Donauzentrum in the Kusmi tea shop (but probably also in some other locations).

shooting_vienna_Løv tea

The tea I decided on getting is ginger-lemon, with all ingredients being from organic cultivation.
I think it is really crucial what you eat and it is important to avoid pesticides since they are absorbed by our bodies, especially when we use the skin of fruits and don’t peel them.

shooting_vienna_Løv tea

The fun thing with Løv tea is, that it comes in a closed metal tin, keeping all of the aroma inside and protecting the tea from sunlight.

shooting_vienna_Løv tea

I prefer this kind of flavour combination when I have throat ache or feel sick but I also really enjoy it in the evening to relax.
The lemon and ginger flavour is not overpowering and in balance with the green tea.

The instructions say that you should brew it for 3 minutes with 75° but I prefer the steeping time to be a bit shorter.
Just experiment with the time until you are satisfied with the result :)

 shooting_vienna_Løv tea


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