I wanted to try Macaroom ages ago and finally had the chance!
They are only open at Saturdays so plan in advance! For more information you can check their German website.
Macaroom is said to produce the best macarons in Vienna and after trying their wide flavour-pallet, I can agree!

shooting_vienna_macaroom shooting_vienna_macaroom

The texture of the macarons are lovely and crunchy on the outside while being moist and flavourful on the inside.
They are uniform in size and baked with expertise.

The flavours I went with were: pistachio, lemon poppy seed, mojito, chestnut, chocolate orange, raspberry and vanilla.
My favourites were the pistachio, lemon poppy seed and chocolate orange.shooting_vienna_macaroom
I was really surprised by the strong alcohol taste of the mojito macaron and like it more subtle, but again great flavours!The raspberry and vanilla flavour were a bit too artificial for my taste but I really liked the others!

Do you like macarons? The Mister is not too fond of macarons so I can have them all for myself ;)



4 thoughts on “Macaroom

  1. seit meinem ersten paris-aufenthalt 2009 liebe ich diese bunten naschereien. allerdings hab ichs gern klassisch, am liebsten mag ich schoko und himbeere. aber auch pistazie ist sehr lecker, kaffee… ok, am liebsten mag ich einfach eine bunte mischung :)

  2. It’s funny, I like making macarons more than eating them. That being said, I like it when the fillings balance out the sweetness of the shell, something bitter like dark chocolate is best. Those look so beautiful! :)

    1. Interesting, I think most people enjoy more the latter ;) Dark chocolate macarons sound great too, I still have to try some but they can get a bit too sweet after eating a handful.

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