Eurovision Song Contest – Traffic Lights

This week the Song Contest has started in Vienna, with the finals taking place on Saturday.
A cute installation are those traffic lights that show heterosexual and homosexual couples, waiting and crossing the road with you :)


I found those at Burggasse, which is near Stadthalle, where the Songcontest is being held but I also saw them at Naschmarkt or Rathaus.

On a sidenote:
Most people either think it is a great idea to show in a public place how tolerant Austria is, and others are complaining about the costs of those lights and that there are other things that need the attention and money.
While I can agree, that the costs could have been used on something else, I think that those traffic lights have the potential to be a tourist magnet as the distinct traffic lights of Berlin and should stay. They will stay, I just read an article that there was so much positive feedback that those traffic lights will stay! :D
The big mass of people are generally in complaining-mode anyway and think that there are always more important matters. But often I find that those people complaining about “minor issues” are the ones that don’t care about big events that waste so much more money. I just have to mention the HYPO bank here, where billions of Euro went to waste because of corruption and most of Austria did not seem to care.

What do you think about those traffic lights? I am interested in reading your opinion :)


7 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest – Traffic Lights

  1. Honestly, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical too if that was worth the money for such a short period of time (complaining, like you already mentioned :P). But since they leave them now I really like the idea! It’s a great sign for tolerance and openness :)

  2. I wished I were still in Vienna to witness this, because this will never ever happen in my home country!! It’s a great idea, although at first I did wonder about the costs involved.

    1. I have no clue about traffic light costs and how much they are more expensive to regular light but it does not seem so bad since other cities are thinking of using those images, for example Munich :)

  3. Echt cool, die Ampelpärchen.
    Habe gestern im Radio gehört, dass sie in Halle (die Stadt mit dem Beatlesmuseum ;D) jetzt auch ein Apelmädchen haben, find es eine echt süße Idee, aber stimmt schon – wahrscheinlich könnte man das Geld auch woanders gut gebrauchen. Aber wenn sie nun schon mal da sind, kann man sich doch auch daran erfreuen, ne? ;)

    1. Oh wie cool! Scheinen ja echt gut anzukommen :) ja vor allem weil die Politik sowieso Unmengen für andere Sachen wie Korruptionsskandalen raushaut, da ist das nichts ;)

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