Moving Apartment

First of all, I am super excited that the Mister and me found a nice flat but since it is completely empty, my time and money will be all consumed by this big but important personal project.
I may not post that often or regularly, since furniture shopping, cleaning the flat, making repairs and arranging the said furniture can’t be done with a snap of the hand. How I wish I could be Merry Poppins sometimes!

When I finally move in I will give a small tour about my new district and maybe some of you can guess, which one it is :)



Sneek peek of the flat. I was currently sitting on the floor, on newspaper because it is absolutely empty!
My butt was not amused but furniture will be here soon. Yay!


16 thoughts on “Moving Apartment

  1. From the photo, this already looks like a promising space…nice and bright for photo taking! :) Good luck unpacking…I am picking out blinds and landscaping for our upcoming new home today…the packing is going to be ramping up on my end soon! I hate packing (and unpacking)!! Moving is a pain!!

  2. Yay, congrats on finding a great apartment! I wish you good luck with the transition period, and then many years of happiness in the new space :)

    I’ll also be moving soon, and while I dread the actual move, I am very excited of actually living at our new place.

    Keep us posted on how things are going!

    1. Thank you!! Yes me too, we invested quite a bit so I hope to stay there for at east 10 years, so I don’t have any packing to do anytime soon ;)
      You are still staying in Vienna though?
      I will, and I will look forward to your “moving” posts as well :)

      1. Yes, we’ll be staying in Vienna, just moving to a nicer, bigger place closer to the university. When I came back from abroad, I had to find an apartment very quickly. The one I took was supposed to be a short-term transition solution, except that this transition period has lasted for 2 1/2 years now. It’s a really crappy apartment, and it’s time for us to get out. And we FINALLY found a place that we like and that is (somewhat) affordable.

        Happy moving :)

      2. Oh that’s great! I know how hard it is to find a suitable and nice flat which is still affordable. Still not as bad here as in London or Paris which is good :) Thanks you too!

  3. Auf eigenen Beinen stehen und die eigene Wohnung. Dir alles Gute im neuen Zuhause!
    Ich hoffe du /ihr schlaft schon dort und du hattest während der ersten Nacht angenehme Träume!
    Hier sagt man, dass in Erfüllung geht, was man in der ersten Nacht in neuen vier Wänden träumt!
    Eisig warme Grüße, Andreas

  4. Willkommen in eurem neuen zu hause! Wie herrlich, dass ihr was gefunden habt, das euch so gefaellt!!!!

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