One of my favourite things in Spring is the powerful scent of lilacs, proclaiming that it is indeed already Spring.
Also I love the varieties of white and violet lilacs. It especially looks pretty when both are side by side.

shooting_vienna_lilac shooting_vienna_lilac shooting_vienna_lilac

Happy belated Mothersday! :)



5 thoughts on “Lilac

  1. Lovely :D That’s my favorite color! I was surprised to find these flowers in so many different colors all over the parks in Vienna! They are all gorgeous!

  2. Haha, immer wenn ich Flieder sehe, muss ich an dich denken, weil du immer betonst, wie gern du ihn magst.
    Ich liebe deine Fotografien von Blumen einfach!!

    P.S.: Habe meiner Omi die gleiche Vase in orange geschenkt. :D Die ist echt toll!

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