Teastories – Tea

Last Monday you got to know the new tea shop Teastories and I will present you some of their teas I tested at home.
Three black teas, one oolong and one fruit tea, so it is a nice mixture and overview!

I just love quotes and that you can find them on nearly every package of teastories :)


Three activating black teas and one calming fruit tea are up next.


I don’t know why I am such a sucker for metal cans but I just love tea cans and they are so tiny and cute.
When I am finished with the tea I will probably use them for a DIY.

The advantage with black tea is that it is not as delicate as green tea and especially in the morning saves time, when you can brew your tea with boiling water instead of waiting an additional 5minutes for it to cool. Black tea is activating but it is actually never a problem for me and even when the Mister and me had the matcha seminar, I slept one hour later like a stone. So you have to find out for yourself how the caffeine affects your body and mind and adjust to that :)



The Cha Cha Chai is a solid chai blend but the taste was not too strong when I made it with 3 minutes so I recommend it for 5 minutes, if you also like a strong chai taste. I enjoy chai a lot more with milk and am drinking it with vanilla soy milk at the moment ;)


This Hollywood mixture smelled very intriguing with the popcorn, raspberries and pineapple pieces but I enjoyed it the least because it was too sweet for my taste. If you enjoy a sweetish and fruity black tea it might me for you though :)


When I smelled Almond Amour, I instantly thought of an appelstrudel. The smell is just so addictive and slightly christmasy because of the cinnamon. Despite it being named almond amour, I think you taste the apples a lot more and it even tastes like a bratapfel. I also really liked this tea even though it can be very sweet as well.


And my favourite tea, to my surprise is this, London calling. I am normally not really into lavender or roses in my tea because they are often just too overpowering but I somehow just loved this mixture. It is my go-to tea now in the morning and I love the citrusy lavender taste, which has a relaxing feeling for me.



I just had to pick the “live forever” oolong since I am really into oolong at the moment.
I brewed it for 2 minutes with 80°C and was surprised by the sweetish smell of the tea, reminding me of milky oolong.
After checking the package, I discovered that lactose was added so for lactose intolerant people it might not be that ideal but I loved the smooth and sweet taste, reminding me of a much lighter milky oolong.

Have a nice week ahead :)


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