Setagaya Park

Spring, how I love you when the sun shines bright!
One of my all-time favourite parks is the Setagaya park in the 18th district, as some of you know. Last year I posted about that beautiful Japanese garden here.


A tip, if you go there you should do so before lunch because the light in the afternoon can be a bit harsh for pictures.




My sister asked me to take pictures of her cosplay she did by herself and if you are interested in cosplay or sewing, you can check out her blog here.


The sky is blue, the sun was shining (a bit too bright for taking pictures but they didn’t turn out that bad) and lots of people enjoyed being in the park, glancing curiously over to us. I can’t blame them :)


It seems that I am lately only blogging about parks in Vienna. Something new will be up next week, no worries ;)


12 thoughts on “Setagaya Park

  1. ich mag dein bloggen über wiener parks :) im setagaya-park war ich letztes wochenende selber und hab ein paar bilder mitgebracht, aber mal sehen, wann die in einen blogbeitrag passen. bei mir ist das ja immer irgendwie zeitverzögert ^.^ besonders das letzte foto ist sehr wow!!

    1. Danke, na dann freuts mich, dass du es nicht zu eintönig findest!
      Das stimmt, aber dafür postest du auch sehr schöne Urlaubsbilder, mitten im Winter die Lust auf mehr machen. Ich freue mich auf jedenfall schon, wenn sie veröffentlicht werden!
      Danke, das freut mich :)

  2. Ah i wanted to go there and totally forgot about it! I hope the trees still have some flowers on them… Beautiful photos by the way, i especially like the last one! :)

    1. It is a bit late and the blossoms are coming to an end soon but I think you will still find enough. Even if not, the park has other beauties in store like the magnolia :) Thanks I will let my sister know ;)

      1. I guess after today’s little storm there won’t be any blossoms left! :P I will pay the park a visit this week anyway, once the weather gets a little better :)

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