Vienna has been lacking modern tea places, especially for young people and I am glad that Teastories opened end of March at Westbahnhof in the Westbahnhof shopping area.


Karina and Davy are not only siblings but the two co-founders of Teastories and I got the chance to get to know Teastories better, through an interview with her. Both have an international background, having lived in different cities and wanting to retail something international in Vienna. Nothing better than opening a tea shop, with tea being grown and harvested all over the world!


Karina explained that the quotes that are listed on the teas, mostly come from friends and families and have a very special meaning to them.
I think it is really cute that their tea with the containing stories are in a shelf, which is titled tea library.

Karina mentioned that their concept is really important to them and how closely they worked with their Mexican graphic designers, Anagrama. If you look at their logo below, you notice that the quotation mark can also be seen as two tea leaves. How clever!
All those small details show, how much thoughts both have put into this tea shop.


The foundation is the puristic look, letting the products be in the spotlight and carefully implementing their tea stories. Their declared goal is to reach everybody, not just the classic tea drinkers and I am very positive that they will succeed.


Not only do they offer tea but also lots of tea accessories and best of all, cute cups. You can never have enough tea cups! The “Yours” and “Mine” tea mugs are so cute!


I enjoyed this matcha latte during our conversation. I loved that the matcha was not overly sweet but the matcha taste could have been a bit stronger in my opinion.
Matcha latte and Thai tea are their best-selling drinks, with the matcha being biological from a Japanese supplier.


This man enjoyed listening to our conversation and offered to pose for a picture. So thank you, unknown stranger!
Karina was so nice and gave me a lot of teas to try at home, which I will tell you all about in my next post, to not make this one super long.
So stay tuned :)

PS: If you drop by, don’t forget to get yourself a loyalty card!


11 thoughts on “Teastories

  1. :D Oh lovely! I haven’t been to the Westbahnhof in a long time, i might have a reason to visit now! I love the style of the shop and their taste in design! I wonder how their tea tastes as well, but from what you wrote i’m sure it must be good :D

    1. Me neither but if you are in the area you should drop by for a cup of tea. Since they have so many different flavours, there has to be something you would enjoy :) Just out of curiosity, what is your favourite tea?

      1. Will definitely pay a visit! :D I do enjoy my plain green and black tea the most to be honest… But i’m open to try other things of course! :) Sometimes i’m in the mood for something more fruity and strong!

    1. Ich hab schon fleißig probiert und meinen persönlichen Gewinner gefunden. Der Teepost kommt dann am Montag raus also danke schonmal dann fürs vorbeischauen :) Was sind denn deine Lieblingsteesorten?

      1. Ich kriege keine Benachrichtigungen mehr, wenn neue Antworten vorhanden sind :(
        Ich mag grünen Tee in jeder Form – also am Liebsten als Matcha :D

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