Swing Kitchen

Since last year, burger in Vienna is the new black and lots of new burger places popped up like baby ducklings in the spring. The best comparison I could come up with at the moment.
Burgers were one of my favourite foods but since I would get a tummy ache after any burger, I shy away from them now and eat them less seldom.


I visited the first vegan burger place called swing kitchen near Zieglergasse to see how they keep up to regular burgers and if my tummy would be ok.
The interior look is definitely a plus and has an international feel to it. Berlin, London or New York? Probably just my Fernweh talking here ;)


The burger menu is very affordable and I paid 7,8€ for the vegan burger, fries and my lemonade.
The service was friendly and the burger very quickly ready to be eaten and tested.


You can check their menu here.

The taste was better than I expected and I enjoyed my burger. The fries were a bit over salted though and the vegan cheese on Coco’s burger tasted way too strong.



Vegan burgers are something you have to try  out for yourself but I was satisfied with my choice. They also offer salads and I heard a lot of good reviews about the vegan chicken nuggets. I did feel bloated with my tummy grumbling so I guess I still have to see what causes my “burger allergy”.




8 thoughts on “Swing Kitchen

  1. das sieht ja supernett aus da. wenn die ausnahmsweise mal öffnungszeiten für die arbeitende bevölkerung haben (da sind ja vegane restaurants nicht immer live dabei) könnte ich das doch mal ausprobieren ^.^

  2. Cool, da war ich auch vor kurzem! Ich war erstaunt wie satt man von so einem veganen Burger sein kann :P Die veganen Desserts klingen auch sehr interessant!

      1. Nur den Swing Burger. Ich fand die Sauce ganz lecker, und bei den Pommes geb ich dir recht – sie waren ziemlich salzig…

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