There are any childhood memories I link with Donaupark since I spend a lot of time there with my parents when I was little.

It is a great place for young families and small kids, as there are many different playgrounds making playtime exciting and fun!


If you are low on energy and want to explore Donaupark more comfortably, you could take a ride in the Lilliputbahn.


Teenagers and Adults have a wide space to do all sorts of sports. Playing Frisbee and soccer is quite popular in the summer.
There is even a school for bee-keepers here!

Oh and of course the Donauturm is located here, where adventur-seeker can throw themselves off the 150m tower and bungee jump.
I would be so up for that if it would not be that pricey for some seconds of adrenaline ;)




The Korean-house recently was added and I have yet to try out their dishes, especially looking forward to their bibimbap.
When it is warmer, one can enjoy the dishes outside near the lake and enjoy the view.



When I went there on Monday snapping away I was surprised my a short snow fall. I am really looking forward now to this warm week-end!


5 thoughts on “Donaupark

  1. also ich muss sagen, ich hab mir mit dem donaupark irgendwie etwas schwer getan, als ich im herbst dort war. ich mag aber den blick auf die skyline sehr und die blüten im ersten finde ich wunderschön!

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