Moniseur Yong

If you love Asian street-food and especially gua bao, I can help you out here!
My new favourite go-to place for a snack is the newly opened Monniseur Yong at Rechte Wienzeile 9A.


Not only do they offer delicious and original Chinese streetfood, it is also very affordable.
They opened on the 4th of March and when we went to the opening I totally forgot to take pictures and so we had to go back for more ;)

They have two different gua bao each for 4€. One with chicken and the other one served with pork. (I prefer the one with pork, the flavour is amazing!).

Two different jiangbing (crêpe from Peking) are offered, one vegetarian and one with meat and hashimaki which remind me of okonomiyaki on sticks. Depending on what you take, you pay 3,5€ to 4€ for a jiangbing.

You can watch on their facebook page how the jiangbing are made if you are new to those delicious snacks.

After ordering, the food is made fresh for you and only takes a couple of minutes before you are handed your delicious hot steaming bun or Chinese crêpe.


Dessert can also be found here and I enjoyed their tapioca mango cream with mango chunks.


The place is a bit small so I can’t wait for it to be a warmer so we can enjoy the food outside.

Have you ever tried a  gua bao? I must confess that this was my first ever but it was really delicious and I can’t wait to return :)

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