Tea Monday – Tung Ding Oolong Tea

After the Chinese tea seminar the Mister and me attended, we were eager to try out more oolong from China and bought this Tung Ding in Nakwon, one of my favourite Asian supermarkets in Vienna.

This oolong comes traditionally from a mountainous area of Nantou, which is located in Taiwan.
The tea balls are shaped from a special firing technique that leaves a green center while the tips are black and curled.shooting_vienna_tungding

We enjoy the sweetness of the first brew after the traditional Chinese washing of the tea with hot water.


The recommended tea steeping time is for the first brew: 1 min30sek

the second brew, 20sek

for the third, 45sek

for the 4th, 1min and 20sek

and the fifth 2min and 20sek.


I don’t know the exact price any more but it was around 10-12€. Considering how often you can brew the tea, and how many liters you can make with it, it is very affordable.


2 thoughts on “Tea Monday – Tung Ding Oolong Tea

  1. That’s like one of the most gorgeous blue and white teacups I’ve seen. Is that from your collection, Beatrice? I love Tung Ting oolong. I feel like it’s a perfect tea for most of the day. :)

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