Matcha Eton Mess with Vanilla Cream and Frozen Rapsberries

One of my favourite desserts is Pavlova. Sweet baiser  that is topped with a vanilla cream and fresh fruit.

I actually just took a very basic meringue recipe and added a tablespoon of matcha and tried out the vanilla sauce I bought at the supermarket, which was made by Johanna Maier. She is a very famous Austrian chef and owns the award-winning restaurant Hubertus.

She is very active with the supermarket Spar and even writes recipes for the Spar magazine. Mostly they are a bit too fussy for my taste, I prefer simple recipes at home and gladly pay more in a restaurant than to have to clean up all the mess ;)


I had some leftovers of the matcha Pavolva I made and turned it into a revamped Eton Mess.


The matcha is not very strong but noticeable and I love the combination of vanilla with raspberries.
Generally I prefer raspberries to strawberries :)


On a side note, I love fresh cut flowers in the house and the tulips help to make spring arrive even though it is mostly rainy at the moment.

What is your favourite dessert? :)


6 thoughts on “Matcha Eton Mess with Vanilla Cream and Frozen Rapsberries

  1. Wow the photos are gorgeous! I too had fresh tulips in the house this week, although mine were yellow. You’ll see those soon… :) Matcha Eton Mess is such a great idea in so many ways! Light and elegant–I’m totally not surprised it’s your favorite! What a perfect springtime dessert Beatrice!

  2. Das sieht echt so lecker aus. Würde es glaub ich mit Erdbeeren ausprobieren, mag die lieber als Himbeeren. ;)

    Ich bin da genau wie du – zum Frühling gehören frische Schnittblumen ins Haus. Meistens kann ich mich nicht entscheiden, habe dann Tulpen und Narzissen da. XD Oder kleine Rosen.

    Die Fotos sind echt toll ♥

    1. Danke <3
      Ja generell passen Beeren wunderbar, aber auch Maracuja oder Bananen kann ich mir gut vorstellen :)
      Absolut, der frische Duft den die Blumen verströmen macht einfach noch mehr Frühlingsfreude!

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