Tea Monday – 5 Cups Tea

This tea was gifted to me by a friend and besides the cute packaging I love the idea that you can mix a tea from 5 Cups, to your liking online.


The products are packed in Berlin and 70% of the ingredients are at the moment organic, with them striving it to be 90%.
You can have a look at their table, where they list the origin of the ingredients and which ones are organic.


In case you have a hard time deciding you can already browse the pre-mixed teas and get something from there!

One of the best-selling teas is “Frau Doktor Teedox” which sounds like a great tea for me. It is made up from sencha as the base and has; nettles, mate, lemongrass, ginger and lemon verbena added.


Is there anything better than a wet and windy spring day with the right cup of tea? :)



3 thoughts on “Tea Monday – 5 Cups Tea

  1. I just visited the site and even though it looks really neat, I can only read the “some sugar” tab. Does each package have 5 different teas you can try? I love their branding…wish I could understand it…ahhh!! :)

    1. You can control what kind of teas you would like but a package has only included one tea. Not sure if you can translate it with google but I am sure you are good with mixing your own tea as well, which one can do technically at home but is a bit more messy I guess :)

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