Diptyque – Tam Dao

I was searching for quite some time to find “my” perfume and I am glad to say that I have finally found it. Even better, the Mister bought it for my Birthday, which is today :)

First things first, Diptyque is a French brand that first started out with unisex eau de toilette and later produced eau the perfums and candles, without any animal testing.
There are quite known between bloggers but not that easily to find in shops.

I just know Duft and Kultur at Tuchlauben, that sell their products at a very fair price which is identical to the online price without the shipping cost.
Not just a win in that situation but a great place to find presents for the people you love or just yourself ;)

shooting_vienna_diptique shooting_vienna_diptique
The Mister and me seldom walk out of there without having bought anything.

The people working there are really helpful and there is just such a wide variety of products, starting from perfumes and candles to shower gels, soaps, home decor, French tea, Japanese spa bathrobes and many many more.


Back to Diptique, the scent I surprisingly was instantly hooked on was Tam Dao, which I originally thought would be more for the mister.
Tam Dao is a spicy and woody scent, which is made up from; sandalwood, rosewood, cypress, ambergris.
I just love the smell and a lot of people compliment me on it and how well it fits me.
I am glad to finally have found my perfume. Have you found yours yet?
What scent of Diptique do you prefer? And are you more the flowery, spicy/woody or citrus perfume type?


8 thoughts on “Diptyque – Tam Dao

  1. Happy Birthday Beatrice!! This place looks so lovely, lots of goodies at every turn. I can’t say that I’ve found my ideal perfume yet. I really do love the brand Fresh, especially their Sugar Lychee scent. I’ll have to get a whiff of Tam Dao the next time I’m at the dept store…you can tell a lot about people from the scents they wear! Have an awesome day B! ;)

  2. Belated happy birthday wishes Beatrice! Hope you had a blast and enjoyed your special day! :D Hmmm, your post put me in some serious thoughts… I have been hooked to DKNY for men (yeah for some reason the women equivalent doesn’t smell that good on me) for many years, never tried another perfume…Maybe i should give this place a try :D I want something fresh and spicy!

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