Pizza Posto 22

Now that I gave in my documents and am waiting for my degree, which takes about a month I am feeling a bit nostalgic about my university time.
I chose to gain a bit more practical experience than to immediately jump into my master studies.


Near the university at Währingerstraße 22, a new pizza place opened which is not only for hungry students.
They serve Neapolitan style pizzas and lots of variations of Italian starters.


Since we mostly eat out at Asian restaurants it was great to finally have some tasty pizza again.
The service was friendly and attentive. What I really liked is that we instantly got a big bottle of tap water, which is always a plus for me.


I chose the pizza capricciosa, which was loaded with ingredients. I especially loved the flavour of the red Italian sausage.


The pizza of the Mister was topped with a tasty Italian sausage I sadly cannot recall anymore. Plain and simple but oh so delicious!


I love their baskets of oils with different flavours. Since I am a -not-eating-the-crust-type, I especially enjoyed the crust with the provided mushroom and garlic oil.


For dessert they offer a nutella pizza, which I heard is awesome but we did not have the space for that. Do tell me how it is if you get to try it :)


16 thoughts on “Pizza Posto 22

  1. oh sieht das lecker aus!!!!
    und ich vermisse das studieren echt sehr :( wie schön wäre das, noch einen master vor mir zu haben. da muss ich schon sagen, dass das “bologna-system” doch einige vorteile hat. ich war ja mit beiden studien noch im diplomstudium.

    1. Ja ich find das Bologna System jetzt auch nicht so schlecht besonders weil man dann eine Pause einlegen kann und mit dem Master nochmal überlegen in welche Richtung man sich vertiefen will :)

      1. ja, das ist schon super. ich bin da selber irgendwie grade in so eine blöde zeit gefallen, diplom war schon nicht mehr so wirklich liebevoll betreut und bakk/master noch ein totales chaos.

  2. Congrats on your graduation! How exciting!

    The pizza place looks really nice. A while back I walked past this building when it was still empty and wondered what business could possibly be movinge in. Good news indeed :)

    1. Thanks a lot :)
      Oh yes, hope you can visit it sometime, the food is really tasty and it is a nice change to have a good pizza place near the uni compared to all the new burger shops :)

      1. I know, right?! What’s up with all these burger places anyway?

        I’ll certainly try it out soon, as it is a 5-min walk from my office. And I’ll be moving into that general neighborhood in a couple of months, so, yes, I am very glad to have a place pre-approved by you waiting there for me :)

  3. Finally a pizza that looks good! I was getting desperate that there are no good pizza places in Vienna! Those combinations with corn and sausage i keep seeing are really not my thing!

      1. I find it the most odd combination! I don’t think i ever saw such a Pizza in Greece. For me a Pizza is not a Pizza, without cheese, tomato sauce, peppers, olives and mushrooms and maybe some salami… Peppers and olives are imperative though! :P Thank you for the suggestion, will keep it in mind! :D

  4. This is what I love with real pizza, they are simple but really tasty. I had a lot of it when I traveled Europe 2 years ago everywhere I go the pizza was amazing from country to country

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