Partial Eclipse in Vienna

Could you catch a glimpse of the eclipse?


I luckily did not have to work and had the time to check it out before I had to rush into the taxation office.


It looked quite unspectacular and I just found out later by checking my pictures again that the partial eclipse can be noticed on this little sun flare speck? I don’t know how to call that but I am glad I took the time to enjoy this unspectacular natural phenomena that looks cooler on the pictures than it did in real life ;)

The eclipse reminds me of Doctor who, surprise surprise, and I can’t wait for the next season to start :)



6 thoughts on “Partial Eclipse in Vienna

      1. nein, keine ahnung. mit dem handy hab ich es nur einmal schnell versucht und mit der kamera vielleicht, weil die manuellen einstellungen dazu dienen hätten sollen, die SoFi direkt zu zeigen, aber dadurch kein lensflare entstanden ist und ich es mit “normalen” einstellungen nicht probiert hab -.-

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