Feldbach is only about one and a half hours away from Vienna and the perfect get-away to the famous Zotter company.

A tip: If you stay over night in a hotel from the first of March till the 31st of October you can ask for the Steiermark-Card. With it you can explore many attractions in Styria for free! So we did not have to pay the entry for the Zotter chocolate factory (felt like we had golden tickets), had a free tour through Vulcano Schinken manufacture and could have even visited several hot springs for free if we had stayed 3 nights.

The Zotter tour was amazing and I made so many pictures that I have to do an extra post about this experience and the chocolate :)

Vulcano Schinken is a very famous brand for high quality pork produce. The tour starts with a video and information about pigs and you get to see their livestock. The design for their entrance is quite original!




You really notice how much love and care the producers put into their pigs and their final end products.
At the tour end, you get a plate with different samples, which were all delicious and made us by lots of products ;)




In the evening we went to Therme Loipersdorf, which is a great place for both young and old. They have a “fun park” area with 4 slides, a panorama slide and a separate baby beach for parents with young kiddos. Then there is the swimming area with lots of outdoor pools and best of all the sauna landscape which is very extensive. It is definitely worth a visit and I recommend you to visit during the week at night. Not only, because you can relax in the hot outdoor pools and watch the stars but because the entry is cheaper from 6pm onwards and there are barely any people, making your stay even more relaxing.



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