Tea Monday – Jaksul

Korean green teas are quite hard to find here in Vienna, so naturally I took some home when I had the chance to visit Seoul in December.


Jaksul is a special tea which is only harvested once a year in April! The name Jaksul means sparrows tongue and it is referring to the tea leaves resembling little sparrow tongues.


I brewed my tea from Nokchawon at 90°C for 2minutes and it turned out smooth with a low but still noticeable umami note and a sweet after taste.


The handmade tea cups are a recent addition and my favourites to nip on some tea. The gold particles sparkle when the sun hits them and makes tea drinking even more enjoyable for me. I bought them at Harry’s Tea Time in case you are interested in having your own :)



5 thoughts on “Tea Monday – Jaksul

  1. Oh wow the teacups are so very beautiful! Of course, I had to click through on your link. My husband is immensely lucky that they don’t ship to the US. ;) Love Korean teas, great post Beatrice!

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