Lobau – Nationalpark Donauauen

Did you know that Vienna has a national park?

The whole area of the National Park is called Donau-Auen and is 9300 hectare big and a green belt between Vienna and Bratislava. Home to 800 species of plants, more than 30 different species of mammals, 100 different birds, 8 reptiles, 13 amphibians and 60 fish species can be found there.

I haven’t been to the Lobau for ages but I will be here more often this year to take pictures and relax from the big city life ;)



A beaver recently had a nibble on that tree, I sadly did not encounter any.


That lake is a popular place for families with small children and photographers alike.

I actually don’t really mind the people in my pictures. They often help to show the size of objects and here bring a pop of colour into the otherwise just brown and greyish forest.



Some do’s and dont’s: (if you are interested in more you can check them out here in German).

  • Dogs should always be kept on a leash, which makes a lot of sense to not scare the wild animals but most dog owners I saw did not care about this rule. I hope for them that the dogs are so well trained that they won’t go after rabbits and other wild animals.
  • You can pick flowers (except the ones that are under conservation), berries, mushrooms, nuts and even pebbles for your own needs but they do prefer it, if you refrain from taking anything with you.



On our way back we took the wrong exit and I saw that girl leading her horse at the Mühlwasser. I just love reflections in the water if you haven’t noticed from this post :)

I can’t wait for spring to arrive so I can see everything in bloom with fresh and young leaves.


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