Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is not really celebrated publicly in Vienna compared to other cities since we don’t have a huge Chinese population here nor a Chinatown. You do get a Chinese New Year dinner at Restaurants though which is always the best part for me and I am looking forward to that since Months!

Last week I attended a Chinese tea seminar with the Mister and friends and learned quite a lot. We mostly drink Japanese green tea and only recently began to drink more Chinese green tea. Not only that the Chinese tea is first cleansed with hot water and that the “second” brew is the first one you should drink but also we learned about the different utensils and how to pronounce the teas correctly.
In German we tend to say O-long tea instead of U-long tea.

After the introduction to tea and watching closely how the tea is brewed, we all had the opportunity to try it out ourselves.

It also was my first time to try pu-erh tea. The one we tried was 8 years old and from Taiwan.The taste was not as bad as expected (I heard lots of stories) but I do enjoy my tea less woody and after the third brew, the woody note was already too strong for my liking.


The next event is on the 15th April in case you are interested! You need to call and make a reservation, details can be found here.

They also offer lots of other workshops, the different Chinese cuisines, TCM, Chinese ink painting, calligraphy and more in case you are not into Chinese green tea.


16 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year

  1. I actually ended up celebrating without having planned it before. My uncle happened to come to town and we went out with a Chinese friend of ours for a little lunchtime celebration :)

    Happy belated Chinese New Year!

  2. ich hab auch so am rande mitbekommen, dass in china neujahr gefeiert wurde.
    diese teekultur finde ich ja unglaublich spannend, aber ich bin einfach zu heikel für sowas. wo findest du denn immer diese lokale ;) ?

    1. Ja das Datum ändert sich immer, ich bekomm dass auch immer eher durch andere blogs mit und wann mein Lieblingsrestaurant die Feier hält ;)
      Definitiv nicht sehr praktisch für den Alltag wenn man mal nur eine schnelle Tasse Tee haben mag!
      Haha das Fragen mich viele, die meisten Sachen entdecke ich einfach so oder durch Newsletter, aber dieses mal hab ich es durch einen Bekannten entdeckt :)

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