Ulrich – Brunch

Are you the brunching type?
I have my lazy-sundays were I barely go to the city and just relax at home and make myself food.
Two Sundays ago I felt more adventourus and met with Erwin and Coco at Ulrich for brunch. As always it is best to call in advance since brunch there is really popular on a Sunday and you probably would like to be seated instead of waiting and watching other people eat.

Coco had the home-made chai latte (4,2€) and Erwin and me both had the home-made ice-tea (3,8€) . I just loved the drinks, for me it was the best chai latte I ever had in a restaurant or coffee shop for that matter and the ice-tea was so full of natural flavour without being overly sweet!

shooting_vienna_ulrich shooting_vienna_ulrich

The Breakfast sandwich which was filled with gouda, bacon, omelet and spinach (9€) tasted good but I thought it was  a bit overpriced.


Coco went with the Big Easy – omelet with avocado on wholemeal bread, spinach dukah and grilled tomato (7,5€)


and Erwin had Tabula Rasa – ham, salami, gouda, egg, horseradish, butter, yoghurt, semmel, darnk rye bread and granola with berries (9,8€).


The food tasted good but Coco and me were still a bit hungry so we ordered dessert, a chocolate lava cake with tonka bean ice-cream (6€). Mhm! You need to wait for it for 25min so order it in advance ;) I just love tonka beans and I prefer the flavour over vanilla.


Sadly the waitress we had was not in a very good mood and we later discovered that we got charged extra dishes we did not order and paid 11,3€ extra. Lesson learned: If you pay together, you especially need to check the bill for any mistakes. This got me a bit mad but after I wrote the restaurant they quickly apologised for the mistake and refunded us the money without any problem. I can completely understand that this can happen since I work in gastronomy as well but it can be disappointing to have bad service if the food and restaurant otherwise is great.

I will come back for that tasty chai latte but I will have my brunch gladly at home again!


5 thoughts on “Ulrich – Brunch

  1. ins ulrich will ich eigentlich seit ewigkeiten mal brunchen gehen, hab es aber noch nicht geschafft. deine bilder motivieren mich, es bald in angriff zu nehmen :)

  2. I’m totally the brunching type! What a pretty place! I like how everything is cute, colorful, and dainty…with a different waitress, I think I would love to go here. :)

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