Really, snow in Winter?

Well it should not really surprise any of us that there is a high possibility of snow in Winter but many people, me included did not expect that much snow in a day. I would have gladly stayed at home since we have semester holidays at the university but I had to go out to work, like lots of other people.

We fought our way towards the public transport which often was stuck but taking the car wasn’t also the best option for some. There was quite a commotion in front of my work because a post car got stuck and nearly drifted into another car and had to be freed by the police and the fire brigade.


I made a video when I went through campus to show you the fascinating wind you can enjoy from your hopefully warm location ;)





8 thoughts on “Really, snow in Winter?

  1. The video is much more enjoyable from my summer location I imagine. It has been too hot here, but at least the cars can still drive without sliding into each other because of the weather.

  2. ich vergleiche den schnee in wien immer gern mit dem abenteuer, das die neun gefährten auf dem carradhras hatte, als saruman sie am überqueren des bergpasses gehindert hat. nur halt im flachland in der zivilisation ;)

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