Happy New Year – 2015

Are you excited about New Years Eve?
I am super duper excited about mine because I will be spending it in another country, in a completely different time zone (+7) and will be celebrating it in Boracay on the beach!

Do you guys have any New Years traditions?

My favourite activity would be Blei gießen. You heat up a lead figure (often in a shape that is supposed to bring good luck, like a four leaf clover) over a candle and then quickly drop it in water. When it has cooled down, you can fish out the shape the lead has formed and figure out through that shape how your next year will be like. I am not superstitious but I think it’s fun to try and figure out a shape and then read up your prediction which often is just pure nonsense. :)

I never spend money on fireworks because there are so many everywhere, you just need a balcony or a good view and can just snuggle up inside and watch the action from a safe distance. A lot of accidents happen every year because of fireworks and I don’t really trust people enough because they can be a bit reckless at new years. Drunk people + fireworks = not the best and safest combination.
Gosh, I must sound like 40+ but I swear that I am only 22 ;)

So be safe and I hope you have a wonderful evening, celebrating the New Year!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2015

  1. I have to check out the lead figure activity…sounds intriguing! I am in total agreement about the fireworks bit, and here in CA fireworks are a fire hazard too! Happy New Year’s girl…see you in 2015! ;)

  2. Happy new year!!! :D Oh i always loved that lead melding thing as well! :D Used to do it with my family during my visits in Austria! I wanted to do it this year too but i was alone in Vienna so not much happened! It was too cold to be running outside to take photos of the fireworks, i’m not the partying type either so i stayed at my warm home. I’m glad the holiday season is over to be honest, it was a bit too much! I prefer the normal Vienna, the holiday Vienna is just kitsch in my eyes…

    1. Thank you, hope your New Years was great! :)
      Oh yes I am also glad that everything has normalized again, I just can’t stand the masses in December that go shopping.
      Sounds nice tough, hope you could catch a glimpse of some fireworks from your warm home :)

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