Cafe Francais

Since I posted about Le Salzgries I wanted to stick to the French food theme here and share my visit to Cafe Francais.
First of all, if you plan to eat your lunch there, you need to reserve a seat since it can be really busy.


Coco and me had our lunch date and had a lovely table right next to the window so we could check out passer-bys and in the background you can see the Votivkirche. The view must be even better in Spring or Summer when it is less grey and black and you are able to sit outside :)



I had the quiche Lorraine and Coco went with a Moroccan spiced vegetable soup.
The quiche was great and the Moroccan soup had a nice blend of exotic flavours.




The service was friendly and they sometimes used French words which I thought was highly entertaining.
If you want to have a nice view with yummy food and a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere for lunch, you should definitely drop by this place!


4 thoughts on “Cafe Francais

  1. ich war einmal beim geburtstag einer freundin dort und hab auch die quichte gegessen, sehr lecker. ein jammer, dass ich es seither nicht wieder geschafft hab!

  2. The food looks great…what a fun day! Thank Coco for the houjicha latte recipe for me…I’ll be featuring it soon and will be sure to mention her. ;) Happy Holidays to you both!!

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