Le Salzgries

I have found a great spot for lunch near Schwedenplatz and the restaurant is called Le Salzgries.


They offer delicious dishes from the French cuisine as you will see soon below.
My food partner in crime was the Mister and let me tell you that we all enjoyed our dishes and the atmosphere.

The interior is a bit dark but warm with lots of brown and violet tones.


Their beef tartar is a classic dish you definitely need to order! It is served with toast, fresh Thai chilli, a chilli sauce and pickled onions on the side.
The dish was just beautifully flavoured and we all loved it. It can be quite a big portion (even if it doesn’t look like it) so do share!


The snails I ordered were nice and soft, served in a butter, garlic and parsley sauce.


The Mister went for the Entrecôte which was nicely medium done and I had the mussels in white wine sauce served with fries.
The steak was great and served with sauce bearnaise and potato gratin.


This mussel dish reminded me of my trip to Belgium. Picking out the mussels out of their shell can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you are hungry but I don’t think it is bad if you have to work for your food ;)


For dessert he went with the crème brulée with a wonderful caramelized sugar layer and the rich vanilla taste made up for the dish being a bit too cold.

I had the cheese plate which had a nice selection of cheese but since I was already super stuffed, eating this whole dish was just impossible.


We will be back and I can’t wait to order that beef tartar again!

Have you ever heard of Le Salzgries or have been there?
They are also quite famous for their seafood platter which was served at another table. It did look really impressive and very fresh!
With the prices for the seafood it is more for a special occasion though.


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